Winner : Jackson Safety Products "Advancing the Art of Welding Competition" 2012
Dragon 2013
Completed May 2013
Size 32"x 32" x 28" High
145 pounds
Aluminum, Stainless Steel, copper,  brass, and, copper pennies for the scales
Honduras Mahogany for the spires with solid brass finials  
"Presentation Burl 2013"
115" x 15" x 24"h
Walnut Burl, Stainless Steel, Aluminum Base
  "Stagecoach 2012" is sold to a private collector
"Till Death Do Us Part" is Sold to a private collector
"Chopper 2012" Sold to a private collection
"Predator 2013"
This sculpture began in the studio of well known glass artist Tony Milici. Tony was commissioned to build the lobby of the new City Hall Building in Las Vegas. Tony's design incorporated very large slabs of laminated glass.  One of the eight foot tall by two foot wide, half ton slabs broke  and thus "Predator 2013" was born. I found  the above hunk of glass in the garbage pile outside of Tony's studio. I bought the 50 pound piece from Tony and had it cut on a waterjet.  I added the polished solid aluminum fin and the polished solid brass feet.  The jagged edge of the sculpture was the original fracture point of the slab.

Size: 22" x 11" x 15"h
Weight: Approx 50 lbs

"Nude 2013"
This piece began at a garage sale. I bought a bucket of plumbing parts and said to myself  "those red knobs look like breasts."
Then I had my friend Tracy strike a pose for me and  thus "Nude 2013" was born

Occasional Table 2013
Black Walnut Burl  Table top 31" x19" x 4" thick
Center Post and Brass Hub are a propeller shaft from a speedboat
The 'V' shaped table supports came from a circa 1900 Dentist's Chair.

                                                  Menora 2013 Steel and Copper
                                                        Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

Triple Layer Cross- Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper
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